Booklet that attracts customers

It is easy to print such a booklet. It gives fast and effective outcome.

Booklets are much informative than flyers and cheaper than thick catalogs. It is not hart to print them – all the copies are done in one or two days.

Booklets are universal. They are a good marketing tool in banana chip industry, foreign language training etc.

To help you make booklet as an effective advertisement tool we have developed a checklist for you to use if you do such a project for first time.

Booklet that attracts customers


What do you want to achieve with help of your booklet? You most make your booklet for one specific goal, for example, to make your potential customer call you, write you or come to your shop. If a goal is absent, people just do nothing.


Booklet is part of brand. You must use colors, fonts and style of your brand.

First class text

You must use more verbs and less formal phrases.

Do not forget about call of action. You must clearly say in the booklet what and how your customer must do after reading it, for example, to provide oneself with bananas or to enter a dance class.

Superb pictures

Natural light. 300dpi resolution. Main item in the center of the picture. Realistic picture of your product or outcome of your service.

Folding places

From one to five. The more folding places and pages, the more information is in the booklet. It is like banana – the bigger, the more vitamins.

For example, eurobooklet is popular in Riga, Latvia. It is made from A4 (210х297 mm) list of paper and folded two times. The result is a booklet in size of 100х210 mm.


Dense paper or design cardboard wears out less and looks better, but it can’t be folded many times. Thin paper tears easily. It can be used for mass distribution on streets or by mail.

To sum up. When you leave a conference or business exhibition, you take many booklets of different companies with you. Which of them do you keep? Only those with useful information and witch catches your eye.

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